Color in motion

Scientific, calculated, logical, precise. These are the words that continually plague my mind. Math, science, programming, are some of the things I feel confident in doing. You can give names to variables and the solutions are understood. I struggle with my passion for creativity because my brain refuses to be romantic, to see the world as poem rather than numbers. I push myself artistically to do things that are more abstract, chaotic, dark, playful and experimental to break this hold of stiff logic and to create art that I feel that will set my mind free.

Color in Motion is a series that draws inspiration from the Japanese photographer Tokihiro Sato who used light paining to sculpt light images in different environments. I use RGB lights and play with movement in the scene to show a long yet fleeting moment of interaction among the scene and adds a layer of curiosity. Light painting lets me be abstract, dulling my senses of the world around, and allows my brain to paint on an empty canvas. This series is cathartic in nature for me as it reminds me of being young and enjoying the colorful world around you as you wisp through time.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.